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Add:  Industrial Park, Hanzhuang Town, Wuyi County, Hengshui City, Hebei Province, China
P.C.: 053401
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Hebei SunSing Photographic Chemistry Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred as Hebei SunSing) is located in Wuyi County of Hebei Province. It was founded in 1981, among earliest manufacturers of EDTA. The company is professional in research, manufacturing and selling of EDTA and DTPA series chelating agent, EDTA series metal salt, DTPA series metal salt, and EDTA ferric ammonium, ammonium thiosulfate, potassium sulfite and other photographic chemicals, and non-standard chemicals.

Our principle is “win-win with customers, mutual-development”. Our company always develops new products and improves technique to meet customer demand. There is cooperation mechanism based on tight cooperation with chemical research institute and universities, according to customer requirement. We provide customized service for all clients.

Core value
4 satisfactions: customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, social satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction

Customer satisfaction: serve customers with best product at reasonable price

Employee satisfaction: provide employees with comfortable work environment based on principle of people first

Social satisfaction: mutual development of economic benefit and social benefit from aspects of safety, environment, revenue and employment

Shareholder satisfaction: provide stable return platform for shareholders